Much of our world exists the way it does because of systems and rules; natural ones and those constructed by humans. Geometry, design, and aspects of human life and behavior are all understood by us according to the mathematical and social systems by which we interpret them. I identify these systems, subvert them in some way, create an environment where the manipulated systems can exert themselves on a medium in an organized manner, and then display the outcome of their interaction as my art. This can happen in my studio and result in a singular sculpture, or can happen through interaction in a gallery or online space and result in a more performative experience. In either case, it is by applying a designed system of actions over a medium that the concepts I am working with are rendered as sculpture.

I am attempting to make art that speaks universally and that pushes the extent to which anything can be universally understandable. My systems are the world’s systems, and my media are either fundamental forms, found objects that are fundamentally familiar, or parts of life that are fundamental to the lives of viewers. The work is not in service of any personal assertions and does not take an authoritative stance on how the world is; it only seeks to show how the world can be understood. My hope is that this makes my pieces totally autonomous, so that a discussion of them is a discussion of objects, humans, ideas, and the systems that they exist in. And when the complexity of those things begins to overcome the systems of understanding that I impose, my hope is that it gives viewers a greater reverence for the objects, humans, and ideas that their lives intersect with.